February 6 , 2017
                     Carmine DiPasquale______________

Commander Bill Aguilar Honors Treasurer Carmine
, This Bronze Statue is the first of its kind to
Honor a DAV Member, The Statue represents not only the
integrity of this Member, but his loyalty to serving not only
Veterans but the community. I don't know if an award of this
kind will ever be presented again.
Carmine a left over
member of the
Yonkers chapter which was in mist of
dissolving for lack of membership.

Carmine signal handily took it upon himself to salvage
Chapter 16, he refused to see the negative,  he believed
 Chapter 16 could not only survive but flourish.

Carmine Met with Greenburgh Town Supervisor Mr. Paul
Fiener and expressed his desire to have a change
of venue to the Greenburgh Town Hall and it was granted.

Chapter 16 is the only active chapter in Westchester, our
meetings  has now flourish with many new active members,
Carmine has gone above and beyond in obtaining
donations as well as refreshments for meetings.
had several dignitaries come our meetings, such as
Angela Stewart-cousin and Veterans Director of
Westchester County  Mr.  Ron Tocci.  Mr.Tocci was so
impressed that he joined our
Chapter 16 and is now an  
active member.

Chapter 16  hopes to attract more veterans. Our main goal
is  to help other Veterans as well as the community.

Carmines complete biograph can be seen under the Military
Members Biography tab.