Aguilar, William (Bill) – USAF E4,  1959,to 1964 ACTIVE
Overseas. Good Conduct Medal - National Defence
Service Medal. Vietnam
While on a C47 cargo plane delivering cargo to ground troops
Cargo plane caught fire and crashed, Two(2) members
perished I was one of the fortunate ones.
After 40 years of treatment for PTSD and TBI (traumatic brain
Injury) Three (3) back surgery’s, Cancer, I still volunteer at
Montrose and Fordham VA. Hospital,  My motto is (AT LEAST
I'm WALKING AND TALKING).   So many of our veterans
For this, I say, I am the lucky one.
training in gunnery school.  During active duty he was
assigned to the Norfolk Naval Shipyard and sailed on the
destroyer the USS Willard Keith. Carmine's tour to secure
the nation took him through such ports as: France, Italy,
Spain, Greece, Suez Canal, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Sitra,
Abadan and Aden.  While on his way to Vietnam the USS
Willard Keith was diverted to the Cuban Missal Crises in
1962, along with the USS Intrepid, submarines, submarine
tenders, other destroyers and destroyer escorts.  
Carmine's distinguished service had led him to be
recipient of Certificate of Recognition from Secretary of
Defense/Donald Rumsfeld in recognition of his service
during the period of the Cold War (September 1945-26
December 1991) in promoting peace stability for our
nation; the National Defense Service Medal and the Medal
of Armed Forces Expeditionary Service.
Upon Carmine's transition to civilian life he excelled as a
salesman in various positions.  His sales closing ability
has evolved into Veterans and Community service by
putting the needs of his Veteran comrades above himself.
He has been associated with various organizations such
Disabled American Veterans
Chapter 16 Treasurer,
Chapter Service Officer for the DAV; Life Member of the
DAV, American Legion and Vietnam Veterans of America.

Carmine has been known to; assist World War 11 Vets to
reunions; visit Vets in the hospital, nursing homes and
rehabilitation centers; supports other Vets and their
families at funerals; brings disabled Vets to West Point for
tours and business; and works with various community
businesses to retain donations.  Carmine's exceptional
performance of duty has earned him the nickname of
"The Good Shepard" among his comrades.